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FAQ - Newbie Chat & Helper Team  Empty FAQ - Newbie Chat & Helper Team

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Cityville Roleplay FAQ - Newbie Chat & Helper Team

This is a small note for those who have just joined the server and are unfamiliar with the newbie chat. Questions and answers regarding the helper team are also included. /n "message"

General Information & Questions

What is newbie chat?

It is a chat meant for questions and answers regarding the script. Therefore it is prohibited to ask questions what have nothing to do with it. The chat can be switched off either by an admin level 5 or higher or an assistant head helper or higher. Newbie chat is displayed in light-blue colour and is visible to everyone in the server.

I got muted from newbie chat. Why?

Common Abuse - if a player uses newbie chat for contacting another player, attempts to purchase/distribute various items or talks about other stuff which is completely irrelevant to the game;
General Trolling - when a player (usually high level) uses newbie chat for obvious or immaturely written questions;
Ranting - if a player complains about the game/server without actually asking a question;
Reviling - when a player uses abusive language in newbie chat (even if he/she answered a question);
•(OPTIONAL) Impersonating - if a player tells others not to abuse newbie chat;
•(OPTIONAL) Answering to an Administrator - when an administrator asks a question in "/o" and a player answers via newbie chat;
•(OPTIONAL) Answering to an Abuser - if a player answers to an abuser, who abused newbie chat, using newbie chat.

Keep in mind that 3 misuses in any category will result in a mute from newbie chat.

I got muted from newbie chat. How do I get unmuted?

There are a few ways to contact a helper or an admin and ask for an unmute from the newbie chat. The most common one is to use "/helpme" command and ask for an unmute. You could also use "/report" if you are muted from the "/helpme" and pray that the admins, who are usually busy catching hackers and doing more important things, notice your report and unmute you. The third way is to simply SMS a helper (use brackets since it's OOC) and ask for an unmute. Do not use newbie chat to ask for an unmute - even if you are muted from "/report", "/helpme" and the cellphones of helpers are switched off or there are none online. Then wait but most likely there will be a admin on and they all have phones so contact using "(( ))".

Questions regarding the Helper Team

How can I become a Community Helper?

To become one of the members of Cityville Roleplay Community Helper Team, you must fulfil the following criteria:

Be active - 3 hours (180 minutes) daily is a sign of an active helper;
Be helpful - assist newbies or other players on newbie chat by answering to their questions or help a newbie to get started on the server;
Be polite - do not be rude against the newbies or other players even if the question has been asked and answered for the thousandth time already;
Use proper grammar and punctuation - this is needed because it shows you as a good role-model to newbies;
Do not break rules - if you like to be a Community Helper, stick to the server rules and respect others;
Be patient - Do not ask whether you could become a Community Helper as it lowers your chances to actually become one.

If you succeed in completing all those points marked above, you could one day become a Community Helper.


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