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FBI Application Information and Format (OPENED) Empty FBI Application Information and Format (OPENED)

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FBI Application Information and Format (OPENED) Usfbiseal
FBI Application Information and Format (OPENED) Unled4rv
United States Department of Justice
Glenpark, Los Santos


Working for the FBI can be a rewarding career choice, but only a minority will surpass our requirements. Because the job requires strength, integrity and success, the criteria to meet for recruitment is tough. The following list is the basics of which you'll need to meet before submitting an application, failure to meet anything from the list, will result in a rejection of your application.

  • An outstanding ability to Roleplay, regardless of the situation.

  • A coherent understanding and use of the English language.

  • The ability to mask yourself and become a new identity, if applicable.

  • Decency, Determination and Discipline.

  • Patience.

  • The ability to adapt to new ideas and concepts.

  • A clean driving license, criminal record and appropriate licensing for weaponry.

Recruitment Process

Upon submitting your application, you are required to proof-read your application for errors and correct them in a timely manner. Due to the nature of our work, coherent use of the English language is a major factor in the process of your application. Failure to apply and respond with the adequate English, will result in your application being rejected. Applications may take up to 5 days to be processed or potentially longer, depending on the amount of applications and workloads. Your application is required to have recommendations. This can be a single recommendation from a current FBI member, or a combination of two other Law Enforcement Agency members (National Guard, Los Santos Police Department).
Applications will be handled by the FBI Director, Deputy Director and/or a FBI Recruitment member.

Upon the decision to accept your application, accompanied with satisfactory recommendations, your application status will be set to PENDING. The next stage of your application process will include a live interview with the accepting FBI member. This will take place at a predefined location, as stated on your application. Another requirement would be the access and use of Ventrilo. This is key when applying, as we can have an informal discussion to match your live interview, although not all applicants may be invited for an informal discussion.

Should you fail to provide satisfactory recommendations, or we find your application to be of poor quality, we will deny your application, given with a reason why. When your application is denied there will be a time set for when you may apply again, by default it is two weeks. Failure to follow our recruitment process, either with poor language skills, unnecessary responses in yours or any other applications, ectera. Your application may be marked as PERMADENIED. This will result in your inability to resubmit an application, as future responses will be an AUTODENIED

Application Format

[SIZE=3][COLOR="#40E0D0"]United States Department of Justice
Glenpark, Los Santos[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]
[color="#40E0D0"]Recruitment Processor
Floor Seventeen, The Plaza Building
Glenpark, Los Santos, San Andreas[/color]

[center][COLOR="white"][B][I][SIZE=5]IC Information[/SIZE][/I][/B][/color]

[SIZE=4][B]1.Personnel Details[/b][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]4.Date of Birth[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]7.E-mail Address[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]8.Phone Number[/color]:

[CENTER][SIZE=4][B]2.Criminal Background Check[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]1.Do you have any outstanding warrants or unspent convictions? [If you have, please state what][/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]2.Have you ever been convicted a crime? [If you have, please state what][/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]3.Have you ever served time in prison/jail? [If you have, please state what][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]4.Please attach a copy of your public criminal record [This can be obtained from your local law enforcement office][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"][B][I]I agree, for the purpose of recruitment to the FBI, to I give consent for the processing of this background check. If you agree, please initial below. If you disagree, please disregard your application. Failure to provide an accurate statement of any previous crimes/convictions will automatically void your application and it shall be rejected from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's recruitment process.[/I][/B]

I consent for a background check : Signed [FONT=Palatino Linotype][I]  .......  [/I][/FONT][/color]

[CENTER][SIZE=4][B]3.Physical and Mental Evalution[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]1.Have you ever suffered from an illness or disease that affects your mobility? [If yes, please state reason][/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]2.Have you undergone any physical or mental examinations within the last 12 months? [If yes, please state reason][/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]3.Have you ever been committed, either yourself or by order, to the State Mental Institution? [If yes, please state reason and outcome of psych evaluation][/color]:

[I][COLOR="#40E0D0"]The following are multiple choice, please give your personal response, as it's not directed as a question with a given right or wrong answer. Please mark your answer(s) with an X in the space provided.
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]4.If you're in pursuit of a suspect, who abandons his/her vehicle, what would be your response?:
[list]M.1.Radio for backup and pursue [...]
M.2 Pursue on foot alone [...]
M.3 Continue the pursuit in your vehicle [...]
M.4 Radio for authorisation to retreat [...]
M.5 Other [Please Specify] [......][/list][/color][list][/list][COLOR="#40E0D0"]5.You have information on a suspect, that could lead to a conviction, how would you approach a potentially life-threatening situation?:
[list]M.1.Plan a raid of suspects house/business with on-duty agents [...]
M.2 Continue to suspects house/business, issuing a radio broadcast for backup [...]
M.3 Write a report and issue a warrant for arrest at a later date [...]
M.4 Other [Please Specify] [......][/list][/color][list][/list]
[CENTER][SIZE=4][B]4.Personal Statement[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]1.Biography [color=white](( 200+ words ))[/color][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]2.Explain your qualities and why you'd make a great FBI Agent [color=white](( 75+ words ))[/color][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]3.Explain how you surpass our requirements and give examples of situations you've experienced [color=white](( 100+ words ))[/color][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]4.Explain why you feel you should be selected for the next stage of recruitment [Without using the above] [color=white](( 100+ words ))[/color][/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]5.Photostatic Copies of your driving and weaponry licenses [color=white](( Cropped images only ))[/color] [img]InsertURLHere[/img][/color]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]6.A photograph of yourself for identity purposes [color=white](( Cropped images only ))[/color] [img]InsertURLHere[/img] [/color]

[B]By submitting this application to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I agree to the following:
"I do solemnly swear to the State of San Andreas, that the information within this application is truthful, that I acknowledge falsifying information is a criminal offense. I also agree, that should I be successful in the application process, I will enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement between myself and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I understand that this is to protect the civilians of San Andreas and agents/informants/civil servants and the Bureau. Failure to adhere to this agreement is a criminal offense, I agree that information provided within this application can and will be passed to other agencies should I choose to break this agreement. I lastly understand that even after my employment ceases with the Bureau, I am still bound by the "N.D.A" and failure to adhere the agreement, action will be taken against me. "[/B]

[I]If you choose not to agree to anything stated within the application, please do not submit your application for processing. Upon retrieval of your application, we reserve the right to assume you have agreed upon these terms. Should you wish to withdraw your application before it's processed, please write a letter stating this, and that you understand that information you have previously supplied us with, can stay on our records for a minimum duration, to protect yourself against identity theft.[/I]

[center][COLOR="white"][B][I][SIZE=5]OOC Information[/SIZE][/I][/B][/color][/center]

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]1. Age[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]2. Nationality / Timezone[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]3. How many hours do you play per day/week on average[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]4. Have you ever been banned [If yes, please state the reason][/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]5. Past Faction/Family Experience and applicable ranks[/color]:
[COLOR="#40E0D0"]6. Previous Name(s)[/color]:

[COLOR="#40E0D0"]7. An image of your /stats [color=white](( Cropped images only ))[/color] [img]InsertURLHere[/img] [/color]

[B]I understand and agree to follow all server and faction rules, make sure I'm completely up-to-date with any rulechanges and promote the welfare of the community, by promoting server rules. Should I bring any negativity to the faction and/or community due to my actions, I may face demotion or possible removal from the entire faction. If you have a problem, you will follow the correct procedures, i.e. Complaint with sufficient screenshots, speaking with faction leader. You also agree not to use the faction commands and functions for your personal gain and/or abuse. If you're found abusing your position, you may face demotion and/or removal from the faction, with a view of an administrator taking action against you.[/B]


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