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New Job In Game. Empty New Job In Game.

Post  MikeAlves on March 19th 2013, 3:23 pm

Vehicles- Shamal, AT-400, Maverick, Andromada

Prices- I'm not thinking real expensive, maybe
Level 1- 2k
Level 2- 3k
Level 3- 4K
Level 4- 5k
Level 5- 6k

Due to that this is a lot of money, the trip should take about 30 seconds or so.
Depending on the Vehicle of course.

The Locations will include: LSA, SFA, LVA
LSA = Los Santos Airport
SFA = San Fierro Airport
LVA = Las Venturas Airport

*The job should be gotten at LSA*

Extra details: The customer should be able to chose the kind of vehicle.
We can have another job in it, maybe a person serving drinks or saving, for the RP.

Skins: 294- The blind Asian guy, has a nice suit to it.
61- A Pilot skin, comes with the hat and everything.
11- Girl's skin, can be also a waitress.
16- A skin with the orange vest, that will guide the plane for lift off.
253- Also a Pilot skin with everything.

Glad to have more ideas, Thank you.

Signed ~ Robert Alves


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