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Post  Andre_Sousa on April 22nd 2013, 4:59 pm

OOC Information

Your Name: Andre_Sousa
Your Forums Name: Andre_Sousa
Age: 18
Your sex: Male
Your timezone: EST Canada Day lights Savings (Currently)
Your country: Portugal
Previous Organization: (In this server) None

IC Information

Your name:Andre_Sousa
Your age: 18
Your sex: Male
Do you have any knowledge of the law?: Yes, I use to work for the LSPD back in San Fierro, I won Officer of the week 6 times running. I am varry aware of arresting (I use to RP on a diffrent game as the dept chief of the PD)
Why do you want to join the LSPD? (motivate your answer in atleast 2
I feel that this town is not a safe town, I always hare screaming and gunfire when I leave my house, and the roads are not safe enough to drive to work. So I have a friend pick me up. I dont want to be living my life in fear forever.

I have no athority or power to end this, I feel that joining the LSPD will give me enough power and authority to stay safe on the streets, and protect the good citizens of City Ville!

Do you have a driving license? (mandatory): Yes I do, I choose to carpool with friends, safer that way.

Where do you currently live?: I currently do not own a house, but plan to get one soon.

By applying for the Los Santos Police Department, I, [[b]Dibbie Gangsta], make an oath that I will be lawful. I have read,
understood and agreed to terms and Rules & requirements as
shown above. I understand that I must be active, and have to do my
duties to the best of my ability, if I'm accepted into the Los Santos Police Department.


Must be able to read, write, and no speak english language;

No need a clean criminal record;

Application must show effort;

At least 18 years of age (at time of appointment);

No unlawful use of a narcotic or dangerous within the past seven (7) years;

No pattern of drug abuse;

Must be Level 3 In-game.

Be of excellent character;


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Police departament Empty Re: Police departament

Post  Marduk on April 23rd 2013, 9:28 pm

Your application is being reviewed. Please be patient.


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