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Post  Brand_Kennen on April 5th 2012, 11:36 am

1st-gundealers should be able to sell uzi and tec9.i KNOW they are circle shooting weapons but its not like people dont NON rp shoot anyway.
2nd-You should post the Donation awards so people know what they will get when donating.
3rd-make bank roberry at lvl 5 lvl 10 IS too much.

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some suggestions Empty Re: some suggestions

Post  Luis on April 5th 2012, 11:45 am

Well for the donating me and Jordan Guido have planned a vip list on what you will get for donating but we need Marduk to confirm it so if Marduk likes our ideas on what different levels of VIP's will get nothing will be done for now if you donate. Also if we do get the list of things vip's will receive Marduk will have to script it in so it could take a while to become another thing in the server so please be patient on that.

As for the gun dealing well yes im thinking of having a place where people can smuggle guns and drop them off at a location to receive money and the gun depot will stock up with different sorts and Gun Dealers can go to the Weapon Depot instead of a ammunition to purchase different sorts of weapons to sell. Soon enough i will be doing a few suggestions and see if Marduk and anyone else likes them to be added also

P.S: Marduk we are all sorry if we are overloading you with stuff to script but i sitll remember when you told us in Admin Chat you didnt care and loved for things to be added so watch out as i got a HEAP of stuff to suggest Twisted Evil Beware!

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