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Post  Luis on April 5th 2012, 6:33 pm

1. So if we give a family a strike it doesnt look good. So i was thinking if it can look a bit like this instead.
The 'families name' has been given a strike by 'admin name', Reason: 'Reason'

2. When people do /helpers all it shows is the helpers who are online. Instead of that can we have so it actually shows the helpers rankname and Name like:
Junior Helper - 'Helpers name'

3. When being promoted in a family it is all plain and when you get demoted it still says your being promoted so if that could be fixed and for it to look a bit like this:
You have been promoted to Rank 3. ('rankname')
You have been demoted to Rank 2. ('rankname')

4. Cookies now remove themselves once logged out and then back into the game. and also cookies just have one use and that requires 10 cookies. I have a few suggestions for the cookies such as:
- 5 cookies | refill your health
- 8 cookies | refill your armor
- 15 cookies | refill your ammunition in every weapon you have
- 30 cookies | fills your drugs to 100 each
- 10 cookies | Starts a lotto for the whole server
- 23 cookies | Spas12, AK47, Deagle, MP5 and a Knife filled with max ammo.
- 40 cookies | Allows you to choose a event of your choosing (A Head and up level admin must be on)
- 12 cookies | Gives full health and armor to everyone in the server

5. This one is for the addicts (A.K.A: Von Adriano). If you are a CVRP Addict such as 5 hours daily avg. time then a command such as /tog tag (optional to do so) will let you either. If you are in the addict hour limits give you the ability to use the tag and when someone asks a question on /n it should pop up CVRP Addict 'Addict's name':..... And if your not in the requirement levels something should pop up saying 'You have to achieve 5 hours avg. daily time to use this feature'.

6. I forgot if this is a job but if it isn't then there should be a Weapon Smuggler where you can go to say where the caravan park is near the exit to Blueberry and you have to use a van for this and there can be a variety of weapons to smuggle and you have to use a cmd like /loadweapons 'weaponname' and then drop them off at that little dock opposite to SAN News building, the deck and when you reach the red dot you do /dropoff and you will receive depending on the gun say Spas12 you would get 2k for it but the bigger weapons the longer cooldown. And the place where they drop weapons for gun dealers to buy can be a Global Weapon Depot and instead of buying guns from ammu you buy them from the GWD.

Gun dealers can go there and /stock and see like AK47 - 3/50 - $5000 and when they buy a weapon they go to a ammunition store and buy ammo from them to stock up.

7. Just a reminder for people when they dont know their vehicle id and its bugged or instead of doing /tv to get the slot number its in, would be better for it to be in /stats incase we need to tp the vehicle or delete them.

8. And if the points system for OOC Point wars families can go to and cap i will be willing to make a system such as places for points and boundaries and rules and stuff.

9. As for LEO's we can only use /mdc when in a cruiser. So if we can do it so we can use /mdc anywhere and when showing up that it can give a view like:

'Players name' Statistics and crimes. MDC Portable Device.
Suspects wanted points and crime activity.
1. 'Charge' || Sued by: 'Person who sued' Time: 'How long'
2. 'Charge' || Sued by: 'Person who sued' Time: 'How long'
Bail price: $'If none (0) 'if not then amount' Total Time: 'Total of minutes'
((If it were to have more charges then it would go up to 6 maximum of 1. 2.......))

10. Also when we /su we only get /su [id/partofname] [Crime statement] | Instead of that ca we have:
/su [id/partofname] [time] [Crime] instead of going to jail and doing the time and we cant go over 20 minutes can you fix that. Thanks.
Also can LEO's be able to track phones using /find [id/partofname] and if their phone is toggled then when /find [id/partofname] it would say 'We are not able to reach this phone as it is off' I know your going to say detective already has /find maybe a LEO can have /findp as in /find(p)erson.

Sorry for making too much suggestions i just keep thinking of stuff that can make CVRP better and better.

P.S Be aware i will think of more and more and more Sorry Marduk for the overload

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Post  SnoopyHung014 on April 7th 2012, 4:14 am


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Post  Brand_Kennen on April 7th 2012, 5:15 am

really nice ideas.i /support

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