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Post  Marduk on March 15th 2012, 8:05 am

Hello everyone. This guide will present my tips and recommendations on how to support CVRP positively.
Read this guide if you wish to improve the way you support and get tips on how to do it and NOT how to do it.
Too many people think that they can just spam the forums for a year and hop around in different gangs IG and crackshoot in public and then eventually they can just ask for admin and then start contributing to the server. To support the community is not the same thing as being admin as I hopefully will prove with this thread.

Be friendly, act mature and don't be a greedy fuck. Even if you are a greedy dumbo you don't have to expose your greedy sides, you can just pretend to be polite and sharing and people will respect you.

IRL Donations

Make sure to click our banner AD every time you visit the forum. As this will help us with some kind of revenue, to keep this server running. The more you click them, the better.

Donating to the community can grant you benefits in game and is the most common way of showing appreciation to the community.
A donation doesn't have to be big! Every penny will help the development of the server.

In Game & Forums
The main part of this community is, obviously, the in game part. This is where it all happens and the purpose of CVRP. There are many ways to support the server in game and I will present some of the main ways and tips on what to do and what to NOT do in order to optimally show your appreciation:

1. Helping the noobs!
The main way of helping beginners is by answering their questions in the /newbie chat. There is a Helper Team on the server that works on this daily. Joining the Helper Team is nothing you ask of but achieve if you show yourself worthy of it. Asking someone to give you the Helper position is only irritating and non-successful.
If you are trying to roleplay with a noob and you realize that the noob epicly fails in every possible way the LAST thing you should do is to spam "MG", "PG" or "DM" in /b as this is only dumb. Instead, you should either tell the noob to use /helpme to get introduced to the server or help him yourself. You may also want to tell him to check out the forums and try to ignore his bad attempts to RP.
You can also be active on the Helper Central section of the forums.

2. Using /report - CORRECTLY!
If you see a hacker, you catch his ID and /report the ID AND that he is hacking. Don't ever only report "spec me" or "ban ID 12" and try to avoid /reporting if you aren't absolutely sure. Reporting unnecessary things or idiotic things is not contributing to the server but more like the opposite. Being a "good reporter" is one way of contributing to the server while you play.

3. Roleplay - Even if you're oldschool!
Every day I see lots of people over level 20 that think they have the right to fuck around with crackshooting and quickswapping in the middle of public areas just because they're oldschool. It's ridiculous in my oppinion and certainly doesn't improve the server. Lagslamming is also something a lot of people tend to do just for the fun of it. If you do things like this - you act as a very bad image for noobs and you'll eventually get caught up in a fight with some other oldschool probably resulting in wasting admin's time with a long complaint. Stick to the damn rules.

4. Stay updated!
Try to read your way to common questions and information that you don't understand. The forums consist of almost everything you need to know and are required to know about the server. This saves lots of time for Helpers and Admins and prevents you from having to report unnecessary things. Try to solve things yourself before intruding on other people's playing shifts.

5. Bring your friends, but don't advertise!
Bring your friends - noobs and pros - to the server and introduce them. This both raises the player base as well as raises the level of fun for you and your friends in game. Bringing people to the server is ok as long as you don't start to plainly server advertise on other servers and such. Server advertising by going to a random server and spamming the IP of CVRP only fucks up the reputation of our community and raaaaarely brings new people to our community.

6. Forum posting
Plan on posting a suggestion? Or maybe applying to the awesome police force? Before you even consider this - make sure you are completely aware of the PROCEDURE. Don't just random post things without reading a single sticky. If you're going to post a suggestion - make sure you put a lot of effort to the suggestion and include as much information as possible. Same goes for bug reporting. If you're going to apply for a faction - read the m-f*king requirement stickies and other important threads before.
When you reply to general threads or start a new thread - make sure there is some sort of meaning with your post. Try to post something OWN and don't just copy from someone else. If you're going to /SUPPORT or /UNSUPPORT and all that shit - give a great fucking reason for it or it'll just look dumb.

The things I listed are only some few examples on simple every-day shit you can do to support the community.

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