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Post  Luis on March 12th 2012, 2:56 am

FBI Recruitment Status Usfbiseal
FBI Recruitment Status Unled4rv
United States Department of Justice
Glenpark, Los Santos

Recruitment Processor
Floor Seventeen, The Plaza Building
Glenpark, Los Santos, San Andreas

Dear Applicant

The current status of recruitment is: OPENED

Due to a change in applications, the bar for recruitment has risen significantly. If you happen to pass the application process and/or the interview process, there is still a slight change you could be denied. Please note this is because I only want the very best interns and agents within my Bureau.

Your applications should be submitted, with appropriate recommendations. Please note, if you wish to transfer from a currently active department within Los Santos, you first must speak with your commanding officer. Requests will only be accepted from candidates from the SAPD and US Army. A transfer does not automatically define your acceptance to the Bureau, a meeting will be scheduled between an FBI representative of my choosing, a representative of your current department, as chosen by your Chief or General and yourself. Once a meeting has been scheduled, I still require an application to be submitted to gain background information. You must fill in all sections, excluding parts 1 through 4 in section 4.

Please note, calling or messaging my phone will not help at all. Please do not feel the need to call me for an interview unless you've received a letter stating this, because you'll be rejected for ignoring my wish and you'll be blacklisted from future recruitment opportunities.

Luis Johnson
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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