FBI Recruitment Status

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FBI Recruitment Status

Post  Luis on March 12th 2012, 2:56 am

United States Department of Justice
Glenpark, Los Santos

Recruitment Processor
Floor Seventeen, The Plaza Building
Glenpark, Los Santos, San Andreas

Dear Applicant

The current status of recruitment is: OPENED

Due to a change in applications, the bar for recruitment has risen significantly. If you happen to pass the application process and/or the interview process, there is still a slight change you could be denied. Please note this is because I only want the very best interns and agents within my Bureau.

Your applications should be submitted, with appropriate recommendations. Please note, if you wish to transfer from a currently active department within Los Santos, you first must speak with your commanding officer. Requests will only be accepted from candidates from the SAPD and US Army. A transfer does not automatically define your acceptance to the Bureau, a meeting will be scheduled between an FBI representative of my choosing, a representative of your current department, as chosen by your Chief or General and yourself. Once a meeting has been scheduled, I still require an application to be submitted to gain background information. You must fill in all sections, excluding parts 1 through 4 in section 4.

Please note, calling or messaging my phone will not help at all. Please do not feel the need to call me for an interview unless you've received a letter stating this, because you'll be rejected for ignoring my wish and you'll be blacklisted from future recruitment opportunities.

Luis Johnson
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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