Von_Adriano's Ban appeal

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Von_Adriano's Ban appeal Empty Von_Adriano's Ban appeal

Post  SnoopyHung014 on April 9th 2012, 9:52 pm

Ban Appeal

Account Name:Von_Adriano

Service:Errr. What do you mean service?

Date:April 10,2012 GMT +08:00

Reason For Ban: Because i am a 21 year old punk

Administrator that banned you: CHRIS HUBBS

Why should you be unbanned? You know how loyal i am to this server. i dunno really what happened. but look what this guy did. banning random people is not tolerable right? i think this would be more of like a suggestion. i suggest that you guys demote him for banning people for no reason. here is the SS and a simple log. as you can see, i cutted the logs because I WENT TO SLEEP by 5AMxD
when i woke up earlier today, i saw that my acct is already banned by this Chris_Hubbs guy that i dont know. kindly do something. thanks

here's the logs and SS

[05:02:51] [Senior Helper] Von_Adriano (6):{FFFFFF} i will go afk. i need to sleep

[05:02:54] [Senior Helper] Von_Adriano (6):{FFFFFF} Goodnight brother Smile

[05:03:04] [Server Moderator] Von_Adriano (6):{FFFFFF} Goodnight Jay. i will go to sleep now

[05:03:12] [General Admin] Jay_Hubbs (5):{FFFFFF} good night

[05:03:14] [Senior Helper] Von_Adriano (6):{FFFFFF} I will go AFK Smile

[05:03:16] Djole_Freeman is AFK

[05:03:21] Djole_Freeman is back from AFK mode

[05:05:09] Bronze VIP Djole_Freeman: BYE

[05:05:17] Bronze VIP Nat_Pagle: cy@

[09:00:20] SERVER: The time is now 17:00 hours

[09:06:28] {AA3333}AdmCmd{FFFF00}: Von_Adriano was banned by Chris_Hubbs, reason: 21 year old punk

[09:06:28] Server closed the connection.

Von_Adriano's Ban appeal Sa-mp-005-4

Please give me a reason why he should ban me for being a 21 year old punk when this 21 year old punk that he's saying is AFK for him to sleep? thank you

Please expect this to go on administrative complaints.


What country are you from? Philippines

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Von_Adriano's Ban appeal Empty Re: Von_Adriano's Ban appeal

Post  Fiji_Law on April 12th 2012, 3:38 am

unbanned & Chris has been dealt with accordingly
- Closed -

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