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Post  Luis on April 6th 2012, 9:06 am

  • The amount of Rank 6's in a family is 2.

  • The amount of Rank 5's in a family is 3.

  • If a Rank 5 is caught rule breaking the family will receive a strike, Family leaders caught rulebreaking = Disbanded.

  • Mass recruiting is not allowed, doing this will earn you a strike. (You must always role play your invites).

  • If in a gang war or being chased by cops you are not allowed to use the VIP Lounge to refill on health and armor as it is non rp if 3 Rank 1-4's are caught a strike will happen. 2 Rank 5's a strike will also be received. If a family leader is caught so doing then your family will be disbanded.

  • If mass amounts of members are rule breaking a family strike will be applied.

  • You are NOT allowed to invite people OOC'ly, you must roleplay all your invitations. Even if the member quit before you still must role play the invite.

  • You must always be in your gang clothes as your a family and not a normal person alone. If you do not follow this a strike will be given.

More rules to come later on.

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