How to upload photos to the forums.

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How to upload photos to the forums. Empty How to upload photos to the forums.

Post  Gaby_George on March 27th 2012, 9:41 pm

Hi everyone, this i just a quick tutorial letting you know how to upload photos to the forums.
There are two ways to do it.

First method (only works with photos with a url link):
1. Find the photo that you want to upload.
2. Copy the direct link of that photo.
3. Then click the photo icon on the tool bar (between the insert url button and host an image button)
4. Paste the link and press ok.
5. When you press preview the photo should be there.

Second method (only works with images saved on your pc):
1. Make sure that the photo is saved onto your pc.
2. Go to
3. Create an account then upload the photo.
4. Go to your photobucket library and hover your mouse over the photo.
5. Click the img code, it will say "copied"
6. then just paste the link in your topic.
7. to check if it worked click preview.

-Gaby George


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