[John Smith] Mapper/Scripter Application!

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[John Smith] Mapper/Scripter Application!

Post  Johnny Smith on March 26th 2012, 7:13 am

About me:
Hello, my name is John Smith 20-21 years and i play SA-MP and RolePlay for about 3 Years and after 6 months of playing SA-MP i started to map and after a year i could script very well!

My experience:
I joined many server and i was an admin there and i was very clever and able to be trusted cause of my honest and my good work!, one of the servers i joined and you know is called TKRP and i was thier main mapper and the server manager and i saved the server and i made it a RolePlay server after it was nothing!

And with time i became a PROFESSIONAL Mapper/Scripter and i mapped for MANY sever! DM RP Stunts/Racing and i scripted for them too.

Applying to your developing team:
I request from you to join your developing team to be a part of you and to serve your server as all i can and i hope you accept me.

You can give me a mapping test but a scripting one would take time.
Johnny Smith

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