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Janina_Adriano's SA-ARMY APPLICATION Empty Janina_Adriano's SA-ARMY APPLICATION

Post  SnoopyHung014 on March 26th 2012, 1:52 am

1. Forename & Surname*: Janina Adriano

2. Gender*: Female

3. Age*: 20

4. How many years have you lived in SanAndreas* (( Your level )): 5 years

5. Phone number*: (14)-11-14-10

6. Address:#14 Market Street, Triads Business Association, Market, San Andreas

7.Employment History: Mechanic, Bodyguard and Businesswoman

8. Current Employment: Businesswoman

9. Why do you want to join the SA-ARMY?*((At least 30 words)):

Since I was a baba I've sat and watched war films, documentaries and I was fascinated in History lessons. Both Grandads were in Forces, 1 Army, 1 Navy and I'm immensely proud of them. I heard a few basic training and war stories through the grapevine and I've wanted to join ever since I was knee high. A few people I grew up with have joined and everytime I see them they seem so happy, whether its because they're back home on the piss or because they're still alive I don't know, but not one of them has regretted it and have told me not to hesitate.
I've always liked crawling in the mud and hands on work so a job in the Army just seems perfect for me.

10. Have you ever convicted a crime? : No

12. Have you ever served time in prison? : No

13. Have you ever been arrested? If yes so explain why : Not yet

14. If accepted into the SA-ARMY, what will be the first thing you will do? (( Atleast 30 words )) : I will go on duty, Spend time guarding the naval base, patrol around, help the other departments and most of all spend my time serving my country

15. What licenses do you have?*: Full licensed

16. Why do you believe you will be a good asset to the SA-ARMY? : I have lots of skills that other's dont have

17. Biography ((Atleast 150 words or more))*:

Hello There.. My Name is Janina.. Janina Adriano..Grew up in the small neighboorhood of a town in China..
Chongming..A city that used to be peacefull But now, As I cant say its worst than Las Vegas itself.. Crimes,violence,drug dealing, Gun dealing and such.. Growing up there wasn't quite easy you know.. My father left and went to the U.S and now runs the Federal Burau of Investigation in the Los Santos.. My mom,Eh its a diffrent story..She was killed,in a terrorist attack on Hong Kong. So my story begins in the Morning of a saturday.. I wasn't married back then,So I still lived with my mother.. I woke up,got dressed ,took breakfast and other thingies..Was bored back then.. I turned on the TV.. My mother past thru me saying she's off to work. She worked in the aparment,I Don't know what thing,I've never been with her.. After hours passed,listing the channels on the TV,suddnely,breaking news.. Terrorists strike once again. I wasn't worried at first.. I didn't thought it was her building,coz i never saw it.. After hours and hours,it was time for my mother to return back home. But She didn't. In the morning,I turned on the news,they were showing the victims of the terrorists attack..The found my mother..I was really raging back then. I started crying,helplessly. In that experience it was obvious I needed to stop them.I bought a ticket to U.S.A and got to Los Santos to reunite with my Father General Carlito Adriano and my brother Goofy Adriano.. Since that day,I wanted to join the Army..To stop those pesky terrorists

After a few years now,I've gained some respect in the Los Santos,I've been employed by the Los Santos Fire and medic department,than joined the LSPD,Now I'm wanting to join the San andreas national guards.....

18. Have you ever been part of the SA-ARMY before? If so, for what was your rank?: No

19. Have you ever been part of any FACTION/GANG, if been in a faction what was your rank? No

(( OOC Information ))

1. Name:Janina Adriano
2. Age:20
3. Gender: Female
4. Country: China
5. Timezone:+08:00

Screenshot of Stats (( In-game ))*:.Janina_Adriano's SA-ARMY APPLICATION Sa-mp-030-2

Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language;

Need a clean criminal record;

Knowledge about the geographical area around San Andreas, especially the County;

Application must show effort;

At least 18 years of age (at time of appointment);

No unlawful use of a narcotic or dangerous within the past seven (7) years;

No pattern of drug abuse;

Must be Level 5 In-game.

Be of excellent character;

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