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FBI | Official Handbook |

Post  Luis on March 12th 2012, 5:02 am

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Table of Contents

1. Rank System
2. Divisions System
3. Vehicle Use
4. Allowed Skins

Rank System

[6] Director: The Area Director is the head of the Bureau. He will be doing a lot of paperwork, writing guidelines, talking with other faction leaders, and give his feedback to the FBI personnel in their cases and/or activities.

[5] Vice Director: The Area Vice Director is doing a lot of stuff behind the screen. The job of the Vice Director is to help the Director with leading the Bureau. He will be doing almost everything the Director does such as interviews, feedback on cases, and having conversations with the members about how they are doing and such.

[4] Head Agent: Head Agent is as the title says, he's in charge of the whole bureau.
He approves casefiles, excutes warrants. All agents should report to him if anything goes wrong, he's your portal to the Director and his Assistants.

[3] Special Agent: Special Agents are agents who have shown enough loyality and good job to be trusted on something bigger. They will be only three special agents, each of them will be the head agent in charge of either "Criminal Investigative Division", "Counterterrorism Division" or "Critical Incident Response".

[2] Agent: Agents are the core of the bureau. They are well trained and know what they're doing.
Agents will be mainly expected to make cases then report to the Special Agent in Charge in order to execute an arrest warrant.
They will be also the FBI's tactical breaching team. Most of them will be public agents patrolling around to make sure everything's in order.

[1] Intern: Interns are the FBI's newcommers. They've been trained enough as Staff.
They will still be working undercover for making casefiles, etc. Pretty much what Staff do but soon these will be promoted to Agents if enough good job is shown.

[0] Inspector: Inspector's are the very new hired FBI personnel. They will be trained well before making a case.
They will have to make one good case before getting promoted to Interns, just to make sure they've learned the ropes.
They will also be undercover all the time, unless stated otherwise by an Vice Director or above.

Divisions System
CID (Criminal Investigation Division):
This division handles crimes around San Andreas, SWAT operations, raids, etc.
Agents in this division are also the arresting agents on busts and casefiles.
They may also start casefiles that belong to other divisions and let agents from such divisions handle the rest of the investigation.
Basically this division is an assisting division casefiles-wise.

FAN (Firearms And Narcotics):
The division doesn't need much explanation as its role is simple.
This division's name explains it well. It takes care of weapons and drugs around the state.
Agents in this division make casefiles on dealers, meet up with them and make deals personally if needed.

GD (Gang Division):
This division doesn't need much explanation neither.
This division's name explains it well too. It takes care of gangs and families around the state.
Agents in this division gather information about gangs and their leaders, and if they have to they even join gangs to gather evidence.

Vehicle Use:

The cheetah may only be used by Agents or above unless permission has been given by an Assistant Director or above.
This is a fast vehicle and should only be used in situations where you are working on something or need to get some where fast, if you get caught fucking around with this vehicle you will be punished.
Also, you can only use the vehicle if your are on duty.

The rancher is great for raids or when you are driving around. Any ranks are allowed to use this vehicle but you can only use it if you are on-duty. If you use this vehicle when you're off duty you will be punished. This vehicle is also great for transports of arrested suspects.
Anyone caught fucking around with this vehicle will be punished as well.

The burrito can be used by any ranks, you may only use it when you are on-duty. This vehicle is not supposed to be used for off-road driving, it's suppose to be used for arresting suspects or being used in raids.
If you violate the rules of this vehicle then you will be punished.

The maverick is manly used for backup purposes, in events such as a highspeed pursuit, you may only use it when you are on-duty and have the authority from the Special Agent in Charge or above ranking members.


This skin may only be used by Assistant Directors and the Director himself, if anyone else is caught using this skin without permission they will be punished.

When you are on duty you will have to use any of the skins above, if you are caught on duty with another skin you will be punished and dealt with. We make these rules to make the Bureau as organized as possible.

These are the skins you are only allowed to use for raids, the Agent in Charge of the raid has to use the FBI clothes and the people who are in the raid will have to use the SWAT uniform.

Additional skins available in the lockers are by authorisation only. You may only use these skins when you've been given the authority to do so by high ranking members.
As I mentioned, we want to keep things organized.

Luis Johnson - FBI Director

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Part two of the handbook

Post  Luis on March 12th 2012, 5:18 am

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Chapter One: The Basics

Table of Contents

1. Intern's Creed
2. A Message from the Director
3. FBI Department Main Purposes and Qualities
4. FBI Department Patrol Vehicles (others)
5. Department Discipline
6. Miranda Rights
7. Federal Bureau Investigation Commands
8. Laws of San Andreas

Intern's Creed

By being accepted into the Federal Bureau of Investigation, you, the applicant, agree to the following:
"I solemnly swear in the name of the God to do my uttermost best as humanly possible to faithfully protect and serve the state of Los Santos. I will support and follow the Laws and the Constitution of The United States and the State of San Andreas. I will diligently and studiously perform the tasks and duties of being an member of the law. I am one of the few and proud members of the Federal Bureau Investigation."

A Message from the Director

Greetings and the foremost welcome to your possible new career as a law enforcer. You, a humble civilian of Los Santos, have decided you want to become one of the very few and proud FBI member of Los Santos. I would like to start by thanking you all for your effort and time. With patience and moral, I believe all of you have the talent to succeed as an member of the law.
By taking your first step on your path to becoming an member by stating the Director's Creed, you are now ready to begin your training. Training can take from an hour to several hours, so please be prepared and ready for what's about to come. You will be trained in advanced knowledge of the Bureau Department, ranging from vehicles to our armory. Take time to read the handbook, as you will be tested throughout your career.

Thank you,
Signed Director of FBI
- Luis Johnson

Bureau Department Main Purposes and Qualities

The San Andreas Bureau Department is a frontline force that is here to stop the criminals and to send them to jail. If you’re any of the above, chances are we'll be taking you to jail or shooting you in the face at some point in your time. We’re here to enforce the laws and if you break them, you’ll be meeting with us. That said, we’re also here to help, protect, and serve the citizens of San Andreas. The bureau department isn't here to abuse powers and or to scare the public. Take note that co-operating and interacting with the fellow members is a very positive way. Feel always free to request assistance or something else from the other members. In conclusion, we're not here to ruin your life, don't be afraid.

* Section was written by Chief of Police Stario Molintino.

FBI Vehicles

The bureau department has several unique and special vehicles. Below each and every vehicles will have a vehicle description, purpose, and regulations.
Read carefully.

San Andreas Sparrow

This helicopter is the mostly used for war when in air or air chases. Take note of the bubble lookalike at the front of the helicopter for where the pilot sits. The sea-sparrow has two mini-guns equipped under it so it can take down other aircraft's down. Also equipped with a radio and a mobile data computer the passenger has access to.

Los Santos FBI Rancher

This vehicle especially made for the FBI Department. This is the best vehicle for going on off road chases. It hits almost at one-hundred and forty miles per hour. It can hold four people and it is main use is to transport the Director and Vice Director to meetings. There is one at the top of FBI HQ which is ONLY for the Director and Vice Director. The ones on the first floor which are in a row are for off road chases only. Equipped with Sirens and a mobile data computer. The one on the first floor are for the Agents and above has access to this car.

Los Santos Police Cruiser

The standard LSPD Police Cruiser is the most used vehicle within the department. Take note of its vehicle shape and size, it can hit max speeds of up to one-hundred and sixty miles per hour. Ideal car for control and pursuit. Equipped with sirens and a mobile data computer. Interns and above have access to this car.

San Andreas Ranger

The Police Ranger is a vehicle used in more rural terrain, or off road terrain. Introduced not long ago, this vehicle can hit very high speeds for its size, up to one hundred and fifty miles. Equipped with sirens and a mobile data computer. Vice Director's and above have access to this car.

Las Venturas Police Cruiser

The Las Venturas Police Cruiser is a high ranking official Police Department Car. Transported from Los Venturas to Los Santos, this special car is slightly faster and more agile then the normal Los Santos Police Cruiser. Equipped with sirens and a mobile data computer. Senior Agent's and above have access to this vehicle. Special thanks to the Los Venturas Police Department for giving us the privilege of having such a vehicle.

San Andreas Police Maverick

The San Andreas Police Maverick is a special vehicle reserved for airborne patrol only. This helicopter is used mainly for aerial support in perhaps, keeping track of a suspect in a vehicle.
Equipped with a large headlight capable of reaching the ground and a mobile data computer. Vice Director's and above have access to this helicopter.

San Andreas Police Motorbike

The San Andreas Police HPV1000 bike is a supporting vehicle used to follow more agile vehicles such as slower and smaller vehicles, or other bikes. Extremely agile and moderately fast. Equipped with sirens and a miniature touch screen mobile data computer. Agents and above have access to the bike.

Loyalty, honor, and respect are all required in order to be even considered in our Department. You will show loyalty to the department by remaining non-corrupted and fit to our standards. You will honor both ranks above you and below you. You will show respect to the civilians of Los Santos. You will follow the abbreviation, "CPR." Remember this code, as you will be quizzed and questioned numerous times about the following:

C - Courtesy
P - Professionalism
R - Respect

Miranda Rights

The miranda rights are a very important part. You must read the suspect these miranda rights or he will likely face additional charges on him. Therefore, everytime you cuff or attempt to arrest a suspect, you tell him his miranda rights. You're required to do that, no matter how the situation is. The police officer who forgets to read the suspect the miranda rights will most-likely get infracted if he repeats it. In addition, if the suspect fails to understand these rights, the police officer is required to simplify them in other words.

HTML Code:
You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

You have the right to an attorney after the initial processing has been completed.

Do you understand these rights as I have said them?

* Section was written by Chief of Police Stario Molintino.

San Andreas Police Department Commands

You will be trained to know these commands, but a quick overview wouldn't hurt.

/r(adio) <message>
Used to speak with other members of the police department, and us only.

/d(epartment) <message>
Used to speak globally with other legal factions. (Only R4 and up are allowed to use it. Ask for permission from others to use)

/m(egaphone) <message>
The megaphone allowes you to speak to people from a larger radius then shouting.

Shows a list of currently online wanted suspects.

The mobile data computer will list a suspect's name, crime, and various other information.

Used to control both gates of the police department. Close the gate immediately after opening it and entering the garage to avoid infraction strikes.

/su(spect) <name/ID> <crime>
This command allows you to place a warrant on another player. You are not allowed to metagame warrants, place invalid warrants, and or stack warrants on another player. Doing so will risk admin jail time and infraction strikes. Please take note you need to have some form of the suspect's identification.

/ticket <name/ID> <price> <crime>
Ability to fine other players for minor smaller crimes. Only to be used with minor crimes and minoe crimes only, generally never exceeding $6,000.

/arrest <Player's name/ID> <time> <(Type in 0 here)> <bail price [Minimum *****]>
You can arrest a suspect only if they have a warrant on them and your at a star arrest point. Take note bails are generally not set because of our current economy.

/leofrisk <name/ID>
Frisking a suspect allows you to view what items they current have in their inventory. Not to be abused via powergame or any other methods.

/take <item name> <name/ID>
Taking an item from a suspect can be useful, but to NEVER be abused. You have to be at least the rank of an officer to be eligible to use the command. The only time to ever take any items would be during an arrest. Please take note you can never take materials, license, or drugs. Doing so risks admin prison and internal affair strikes.

/tazer <Get/Put>
Never to be abused, the tazer allowed you to temporarily stun a suspect and quickly cuff them afterwards. Take note you cannot taze someone if they have a gun in hand to avoid rush tazing situations.

/cuff <name/ID>
Cuffing a suspect freezes them in their place and allows you to detain them and arrest them in your custody. Take note the cuff command will only work when a suspect is cuffed or has his hands up. Cuffs last four to five minutes.

/detain <name/ID> <seat id>
Detaining a suspect allows you to place them in your car. Never to be abused, a proper attempt and /me should be applied.

Laws of San Andreas

The laws of San Andreas are warrents in which you can issue to a suspect. Please take note not to "Stack," charges, or charge a suspect with similiar charges. Examples can include suspecting someone for both Assault & Battery and Armed Assault.

Misdemeanor crimes => The police officer may ONLY ticket for such crimes. You will be charged for ten (10) minutes for every misdemeanor crime you commit.
Felony crimes => The police officer may ONLY arrest for such crimes. You will be charged for fifteen (15) minutes for every felony crime you commit.

Illegal Parking: Illegally parking your vehicle on the road, sidewalk, government property, or just plane not aparking area.

Ticket $1000|

Speeding: N/A

Ticket $1000|

Reckless Driving: N/A

Ticket $1000|

Indecent Exposure: Public nudity, urination, "Flashing."

Arrest |

Affray: Two or more persons fighting in a public area.

Ticket $3000 |

Failure to Comply: Failing to comply with direct order from a law enforcing officer.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 Years (15 minutes)

Evasion: Fleeing from a law enforcing officer via any means.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Tresspassing on Government Property/Private Property: Tresspassing on ones property without prior consent.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Misuse of the 911 Call: N/A

Ticket $4000|

Resisting Arrest: Resisting arrest by any means necessary.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Posession of illegal Firearm(s): Possession of illegal firearms.

Arrest and take guns | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Vehicular Assault: Assaulting someone with a car with means to cause physical harm.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Grand Theft Auto: Attempting to steal a vehicle of another person.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Driving under the Influence: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Ticket $3000 |

Possession of Illegal Narcotics: Possession of illegal drugs.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Obstruction of Justice: Interfering with a law enforcement officer in the line of duty.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Conspiracy to _____: An accusation backed up with proof that a suspect may commit a crime.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Accessory to _____: Assisting in the commission of a crime, but not actually partaking in the unlawful activity.

Arrest | Jail for 6 months (5 minutes)

Aiding and Abetting: Partcipating in the commision of a crime.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Hit and Run: Colliding with someone and or vehicle, then leaving the scene without the driver's consent.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

______ Trafficking: Selling or trading illegal or in-humane items; materials, firearms, narcotics, humans.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Prostitution: Exchanging sexual acts for valuable or common currency.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm: Shooting a firearm in public when unauthorized to do so, it's legal within your own property.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Public Endangerment: Endangering the public by any means such as: Reckless driving, discharging a firearm, or commiting affray.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Attempted Murder: Attempting to take one another persons life.

Arrest | Jail for 2.5 years (25 minutes)

Kidnapping: Takine someone against their will.

Arrest | Jail for 2.5 years (25 minutes)

Robbery: Attempting to force something from somebody by means of force.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Sexual Assault: touching someone inappropriatly; forcing sexual acts upon one another.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Bribery: Attempting to bribe a law enforcement official in an attempt to release himself and or other suspect.

Arrest | Jail for 3 years (30 minutes)

Assault: Issuing a bodily movement threat that could be taken as an action.

Arrest | Jail for 1 year (10 minutes)

Assault & Battery: Issuing a bodily movement threat and carrying out by means of attacking the person.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Armed Assault: Assaulting someone using a weapon of any kind.

Arrest | Jail for 2 years (20 minutes)

Extortion: Acquiring money, property, or services by use of intimidation or other acts.

Arrest | Jail for 1.5 years (15 minutes)

Hostage Taking: Taking hostages in an attempt to get things in return for their lives.

Arrest | Jail for 3 years (30 minutes)

Domestic Terrorism: Any act that attempts to overthrow government or start anarchy, or any attempt to 'terrorize' on a large scale.

Arrest | Jail for 4 years (40 minutes)


Corruption within the department will not be tolerated under any circumstances. You will be discharged and possibly arrested in the name of the law.
If you are the one being caught corrupt then you will be prisoned for 24 years (240 minutes)

Thank you for reading this and hope you consider being a member of the Federal Bureau Department

Luis Johnson | Federal Bureau of Investigation Director

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